What Bee Stings Have to Teach Us About Our Bodies And Weight Loss, The E-Factor Diet Will Reveal

Meet Jared from Lansing, Michigan! A regular guy who, like most of us, was doing everything to lose weight and get healthy, then he got stung by a bee.

weightlossJared had tried almost every diet and eating regime out there. Eating plans from magazines, books, doctors, professionals, he had tried it all. He had lived off salads and low fat food and still couldn’t budge the weight; the before and after pictures in magazines and websites were no longer inspiring because it just didn’t seem possible for him.

One day Jared came across an article about biohacking and what he learned is that some foods, even healthy foods, can make your body believe it has been stung by a bee but at other times it may not. This was the power of biohacking your body with food, but rather than creating a bee sting effect what if you could create a fat burning effect?

From there Jared created some goals. He wanted to hack his body so that he could:

  • Burn fat around the clock, even when sleeping, and
  • Burn fat without weighing food or counting calories

Ultimately, he wanted to turn the body into a fat burning machine by taking advantage of the naturally occurring fat burning hormones. Then he would get to exercise less, eat more of the foods he enjoyed and his body would still think that all that energy was being stored at fat.

From Jared’s research, he was led to Big John Rowley, that guy you’ve seen on Fox News, NBC, PBS, US News and even Martha Stewart, is one of the most sought after experts in his field, and helps regular people every day lose the fat.

Needless to say, Jared was determined to meet him and meet him he did.

His first question to Big John, like most of us would ask if face to face with an expert who has helped to create all those success stories, was “what should I be eating?” and much to Jared’s annoyance Big John replied “exactly what you’re eating now, all those people from my success stories eat the exact same foods you do”!

Thankfully, Big John explained, “it’s not what you’re eating that’s the problem; it’s when you’re eating it”.

Maybe you’re thinking right now “but I never eat after 7pm, just like the diet experts say”. But that is not what is meant by ‘when’. It’s about eating certain foods at certain times to convince your body to do the things you want it to do. This way you can make your body work with you, not against you, and lose the weight through real healthy eating.

Big John’s method is a ‘diet hack’ or a weight loss shortcut that uses biohacking concepts. It’s called the ‘E-factor Diet’. Below is a short review video which will show you the basics about this diet.

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Quick Tips For Building Muscle Mass For Women

It is extremely easy to increase your size as long as you know the proper ways that can be used for that. You have to know that your body type is different than everyone else. Here are some tips for your help.

Muscle Building

1 – Weight training

Consider training with heavy weight, as shown in the f4x training system, using less reps. You must know that you have to use appropriate weights and should only be doing 4 to 8 reps. By using heavy weights and doing low reps. You will put your muscles and nervous system under much more stress. You must know that you need at least 2 to 3 minutes rest in between.

2 – More calorie intake

You must know that for more muscle mass you have to eat 18 to 20 times your weight in calories. This extra amount of calories is required for new muscles and the repairing process as well. Do not go for empty calories, eat foods which give you the essential nutrients for muscles.

3 – More protein is required

Diets that are high in protein help you build muscles along with intense weight training. If you do not take proteins then you will not be able to build new muscles. Carbohydrates are there for providing you the energy that you need as well as for the repairing. You have to consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body.

4 – Fat is a must

Fat and testosterone production is directly proportional meaning that the more you consume the greater your testosterone levels will be, which is required for your muscle building process. You should focus on consuming essential fatty acids and not the saturated ones.

5 – Drink more often

You have to keep your muscles hydrated at all times and for this you must drink plenty of water. By doing strength training regularly you can easily get dehydrated and a muscle that is dehydrated takes long to repair.

6 – Multi vitamins should be taken regularly

You should never be deficit in vitamins or minerals during the process. You must take a multi vitamin tablet.

7 – Aerobics should not be done

You must stop all the aerobics prior to this process. If you want to still do it, then you must limit it to once a week.

8 – Take plenty of rest

Resting your body is essential during this process because the muscle building occurs at the time when you are resting. You should at least get 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

You have to be patient as it is a slow process and takes time. You must consume the best diet and be regular at the gym.

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2 Delicious Weight Loss Recipes

Short weight loss story

Want to read a fitness article? Then check this story out… it was told to me by my friend Jon Benson, a renown specialist when it comes to weight loss meal plans and weight loss workout routines.

He has recently got engaged with his girlfriend Hanna, a girl from Middle East. One of the things that he discover with a lot of pleasure was that, apart from cultural exchange, she can really cook.

He was very pleased to discover this, because he cooks pretty pretty bad icon smile 2 Delicious Weight Loss Recipes -no offense Jon, you are very good when it comes to weight loss but cooking is a totally different story.

Coming back to Hanne, she really find great pleasure in cooking and actually she uses a lot of Middle East Flavors in cooking the best weight loss recipes, recipes that I would like to share with you today.

So below are this incredible tasty weight loss recipes. This girl really demonstrated that you can enjoy tasty foods and still lose


Lovely Egg White Omelette

Until I tried this recipe I used to think that egg white omelette was tasteless. Since I cooked egg white omelette this way I decided to experiment all kind of recipes for my morning omelette.

Now I enjoy omelette so much, I eat it like it’s the best chocolate bar.

Here’s Hanna’s secret recipe:

1. First cook the vegetables apart from the egg-white.

2. Add half teaspoon of olive oil with half teaspoon of coconut oil to the vegetables – you will see…. this little secret will add a special flavour to the egg whites.

3. Add half yolk to the vegetables after you cooked them for about 30 seconds – again… a trick that will add his value mainly to the taste

4. Then if you like garlic you really have a chance to enjoy it – try adding it to the egg white omelette – it rules.

5. Make use of a non-stick spray for the egg whites and start cooking thew (the same way you cook a regular omelette). Pour the nearly prepared vegetables right in the middle of the omelette.

6. Now get ready to hear about the MYSTERIOUS INGREDIENT – it’s in fact a sauce:

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce – she used it completely by mistake. As a matter of fact she thought she was using salsa icon smile 2 Delicious Weight Loss Recipes

Since I found out about this I never got back to salsa again.

Use this recipe and you will become a huge fan of your morning egg white omelette, actually breakfast will become your favourite meal of the day.

Canned Tuna Extraordinaire

Another tasty recipe that I have to thank Hanna for.

Tuna used to be a meal that I was eating only because of my weight loss meal plan. In fact I never liked tuna, but since I discover this recipe my dinner looks totally different.

So use this recipe and change the way your dinner tastes like:

Cooks the vegetables the same way we did with when cooking the omelette, than pour the tuna into the frying pan and that’s it.

If you ever thought about tuna that is dry and tasteless try this trick – you will begin to love tuna – it’s simply delicious.

If you enjoyed these two recipes and you would like 40 pages of weight loss recipes like this click the image or the link below.

Stay focused! Get in shape!

P.S. Almost all of the weight loss recipes from Every Other Day Diet book take no more than 15 minutes to cook, so get the book and get lean!

The most important thing you need to know: You may still enjoy your favorite foods a couple days a week and still shed unwanted body fat.

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